12°C 2010
Distinctly tropical; expect burst of asparagus, with a mild finish later.
Ideally served at 12°C.

A white blend, with a strong lemon blossom and ripe citrus fragrances on the nose. Lightly-wooded Semillon, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc fill up the midpalate, while the Nouvelle introduces minerality and earthy, straw flavours. A fresh, mild lemon-sorbet flavour lingers. Ideally served at 12°C.

Serving advice:

Artichoke hearts with prawn, topped with lemon tarragon sauce. Otherwise white type of meats with something creamy that goes with the middle palate of the wine, spicing with lemon.


Carbon Neutral approved. BWI, IPW certified

A family-owned business,

with a single-minded focus on quality

A unique climate:

wines shaped by Mother Nature – the ‘will of the weather’


: more than 500 million years in the making

Natural farming practices:

farmed along organic and biodynamic principles

Sustainable production:

BWI & IPW certified

Carbon offset:

a calculator is installed to help us measure and reduce our carbon footprint

Wine Analysis

  • Alc:12.5%
  • Res:2.3g/l
  • pH:3.47
  • TA:6.0g/l

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