Topography, Geomorphology & Hydrology

The eastern part of the farm joins up with the Hottentotts Holland nature reserve and becomes quite steep closer to the mountains. The elevation at its highest point is at about 430m above sea level. Most of this area is designated to a Game Reserve. The biggest part of the farm though is situated along the Schapenberg ridge and is gently undulating or quite flat. This part of the farm making up the biggest section roughly lies at an altitude of 300m.

The rest of the farm has much southern aspect and level slopes which are homogeneous in their forms and terrain elements resulting in preferential radiation and sun/heat intensity units all of which are very promising for the cultivation of wine grapes. Future vineyard management and planning rely upon detailed information. Block sizes, row directions, rootstocks and clones are planned according to assessed data generated through maps of the ‘aspect’, the ‘elevation’, the ‘slope’, the ‘day length’, the ‘terrain units’, the ‘slope forms’, ‘radiation’ and the ‘soil map’. These maps can be found in Appendix.

The Sir Lowry’s Pass River runs through the entire length of the Game Reserve with three tributaries originating on the estate, one of them being in the most northern part of portion 5. The other two streams are described in more detail in the chapter on ‘Protected areas – Herbarium’. A weir has been constructed on the most eastern side of the area, where the Sir Lowry’ s Pass River enters the property. A 200mm pipe from the weir runs through the whole farm to the main dam (at Water’s Edge precinct) almost on the far west side of the farm roughly some 4km away. A further 50mm pipe follows the same route to a timber cottage once supplying water for domestic purposes. This line is still in use up to the Stables and the main dam but from there dormant.

The water in the dam is servituded to 1/3 each to the Mountain Development Trust, the Wedderwill Homeowners Association and the Portions 5&6. The capacity of the dam is 270 000m2 which gives each an allocation of 90 000m2. The application for water extraction from the river is with the department of water affairs and forestry but pending approval. Latest submission in corporation with the WHOA was September 2008. The farm mainly utilizes its capacities of water through an irrigation system driven through a variable speed pump at the bottom of the main dam and supplies all vineyards of the farm with drip irrigation. No micro jets are used and the paddocks are irrigated with standard far reaching sprinklers.

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