Wedderwill and its game reserve dedicated to wild life and areas outside the reserve have abundant fauna. The estate is frequently visited by Fish eagles and Secretary birds. It is also home to falcons, buzzards, hawks and many other birds.

Wedderwill’s list of bird species was started over twenty five years ago and contains up to December 2005 153 recorded species. This list is currently maintained by Max Ellwood, a resident on Wedderwill. As there are 169 recorded species on the Helderberg in close proximity it is likely that many of the still unrecorded birds also occur on the farm. By observation, of the 153 species, 23% can be regarded as vagrants, with less than one observation per annum and some even very rare ones with only one observation in six years.

The so called Rooi cat and also the leopard have been sighted frequently. Further up and closer to the mountains the baboons roam in hundred folds. Porcupines’ traces are often seen and the Cape hare is an every night sight. Duikers roam the farm as do Puff Adders and the Cape Cobras.

Details about carrying capacities of the game reserve, the evaluation of species for introduction, stocking rates and culling (game reduction) are found in the ‘Management Guidelines for Portions 5&6 of the farm Wedderwill and Portion 3 of farm Knorhoek. Stellenbosch. 2001. Kobus Jooste – Horus Wildlife Consultants.’

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