Carbon neutrality

The international Carbon Footprint Protocol is a complicated business – but a vital one. It calculates the annual carbon emissions of a company, graded against three different levels. ‘Scope three’ demands the highest standards, and is the one used by Wedderwill. Everything is audited, including:

  • Used fossil fuels
  • Used electricity
  • Used fertilizers
  • Air miles travelled
  • Car hire usage
  • Delivery to FOB, shops, restaurants and other clients

The only exclusion is emissions created by the production of dry goods – such as labels, bottles and corks – produced by third parties.

With the Carbon Footprint Protocol integrated into Wedderwill’s accounting system, every expense can be quantified and controlled. This has led to the implementation of projects that assist the environment, along with the bottom line:


  • Installation of solar panels on compost extraction heaters.
  • Insulation of winery doors and ceilings to maximise cooling.
  • Insulation of cooling pipes both outside and inside the winery.
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for the circulation and aeration of water.


  • Installation of additional solar panels, for geysers and other heaters.
  • Installation of additional photovoltaic panels.

Long term

  • Installation of a solar inverting chiller, a more efficient way to cool the winery.
  • Achievement of 100% carbon neutrality. This will, in part, be accomplished in partnership with a community initiative based in Mozambique. Here, trees are planted not only to offset the carbon footprint, but also to provide a future resource for locals. To find out more, visit

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