Essentialism vs. Anthroposophy in agricultural science

Essentialism & logical positivism don’t have much of a space in biodynamics; although they have proven biodynamics’ superiority. Biodynamics’ anthroposophy is related to existentialism and Goethean science with a very strong phenomenological approach, meaning observing the complexities without reducing it to a few essentials. Essentialism frames a subject quicker and more easily understandable; the problem though is not to its full interrelated extent. Biodynamic farmers try and apprehend the environment in all its aspects and consciously do not chose a ‘quick fix’. The reductionist approach of essentialism is the core of our conventional and simple approach of solving problems and by not considering the deeper complexities have damaged our environment for over a very long time with the consequences showing up everywhere. Now we need to fix it again!

Egocentrism and consumption have actively participated in the damage but we don’t quite understand the extent of the damage done through the essentialist and reductionist broad based methodology science to a vast extent has embraced in the last decades. In our new world we will only fix our problems, especially environmental & energy ones, and progress into further dimensions if we and our science start to adopt a more phenomenological and less essential approach and reach out far further into the unknown depths of complex interrelations and step back from our rather simple arrogant problem solving attitude.

And it will be exciting to do so, because of the vastness of the unknown. An enormous world of exciting discoveries awaits us out there and we will see things happening we would have never believed could happen.

by Wolfgang von Loeper

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  1. Great article thank you for the insight.

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  2. Hilton says:

    Sounds good

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